About Us

It all started in the winter of 2015, on a dining room table, and the brand name implies the brand's first product - Fluffy's!

The Fluffy's (FLUFFY) were the brand's first accessory, a pair of 2 faux fur accessories to be applied to sneakers/shoes (FEET). Its launch resulted in an immense success and allowed the brand to reach the present day.

Stoles, fur collars, scarves (rectangular) with irreverent patterns, cuffs for coats, more stoles and more scarves and in 2019 the brand's first piece of clothing came out - the Margot Blouse.

All the raw materials were/are carefully studied and selected and, for the most part, we chose to produce new pieces from deadstocks - derived from textile surpluses - and give a new life to the fabrics that end up stranded on pallets, at the bottom of the factories. 

Despite all the obstacles and limitations that are felt in the textile market in Portugal, as an entrepreneurial project, Fluffy Feet seeks to act consciously, ethically and adjusted to all its needs and people who are involved in its entire value chain. . From design to the final product, all processes are ensured by national companies.


Fluffy Feet is a Portuguese brand for the modern, confident and relaxed woman.